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I was recently talking to a friend who went to Walt Disney World a few years ago and barely used half of their meal credits!  I asked how that happened and she replied that her husband had planned their trip and didn’t know the ins and outs.   My mission as a travel agent is to ensure that everyone not only has a great time in Disney but that you are also getting what you pay for.   I will help you plan out  your day so you are going on as many rides as possible, seeing shows, and taking the time out of your day to sit down and eat together.

I grew up going to Disney World every year and have continued the tradition with my own family. I have had the pleasure over the years to travel and plan many different experiences such as traveling with large parties, small children, my own honeymoon, Disney weddings, and special events such as an after hours party at Animal Kingdom.   I’ve learned that if you can dream it, Walt Disney World will help you make it come to life.

Want to take a year off of Disney World?   I can also help you plan vacations at Universal Studios, Disneyland, or on a relaxing cruise.

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